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Private Investigations

When concrete answers and peace of mind are difficult to find, a private investigator can often bring clarity and closure to complex issues.

From infidelity investigations and background checks to missing persons and fraudulent insurance claims, Premier Security’s team of private investigators are trained and equipped with the latest technology to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Premier Security’s team of Vancouver private investigators offer discreet and professional private detective services to a wide range of clients, including law firms, insurance companies, corporate clients of all sizes, and private citizens. And because professionalism and integrity are of paramount importance, all Premier Security private investigators are accredited by:

  • Private Investigators Association of BC (PIABC)
  • Canadian Association of PI’s (CAPI)
  • World Association of Detectives (WAD)

By working closely with our policing and security partners throughout BC and Alberta, we have earned a verifiable track record of success. Our private investigations have led to numerous arrests and charges, and our licensed, private investigators are on the job 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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