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Office and Commercial Building Security

Commercial and office properties have unique security and customer service challenges. To begin, there are many stakeholders, each with their own needs and expectations – from tenants and visitors to property managers and owners. Not to mention that as a property manger, you are under intense pressure to deliver a high-quality experience to your tenants and their guests while holding cost to a minimum. All without compromising safety and security.

Premier Security understands your challenges. With our decade’s worth of experience, we know how to provide security and exceptional customer service – increasing the satisfaction of your tenants and helping to reduce vacancies.

We work closely with all stakeholders to deliver a comprehensive plan that is tailored to your specific needs. And we provide security services to a wide range of office and commercial buildings, including corporate offices, multi-tenant buildings, high-rise office complexes and office parks.

Serving the security needs of our office and commercial building clients, we provide the full spectrum of services, including regular patrols, access control services, security escorts, closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance and parking lot control, and security system management and operation. Our officers are also trained in occupational first aid.

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