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Mobile Patrol Security

Premier Security has been providing mobile patrol and alarm response services, 24 hours per day, seven days a week, for over X years. The mobile patrol and alarm response team, supported by a dispatch centre that never closes, performs routine daily patrols for clients and responds to emergency alarms.

Our mobile patrols and alarm response service usually consist of a thorough interior and exterior check of your property – from commercial, industrial, and retail spaces to office buildings and high-density residential developments like condominiums and townhomes. Random patrols are particularly effective at discouraging potential intruders and minimizing vandalism.

Alarm Response Team

If a security threat is encountered at your site by a member of our mobile patrol team, it will be dealt with based upon your instructions and Premier Security’s time-tested security protocols. An incident report is provided to the client in a timely fashion.

With a fleet of over X vehicles in Western Canada, each equipped with a global positioning system (GPS), Premier Security can assure efficient fleet deployment, and monitor every vehicle to ensure a client’s requirements are met. Our mobile patrol and alarm response service is a customizable security solution that’s flexible, easy to implement, and affordable.

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