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With offices and Assignments in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary

Account diversification has optimized our experience within every major industry. By providing a total range of security services of different complexities, requirements and time constraints, with sound judgment we know what is required to fulfill the objective. We invest significant time and resources to obtain and document all information.

Office and Commercial Building Security

Commercial and office properties have unique security and customer service challenges. A cookie-cutter approach just won’t cut it. We will work closely with all your stakeholders to deliver a comprehensive security plan that addresses each and every security concern and customer service objective.

With decades worth of experience, we provide security services to a wide range of office and commercial buildings, including corporate offices, multi-tenant buildings, high-rise office complexes and office parks.

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Manufacturing and Industrial Security

From manufacturing sites and warehouses to industrial facilities and ports, Premier Security’s success begins with taking the time to understand your business before recommending specific security countermeasures.

We provide an integrated security solution to our manufacturing and industrial clients – a plan that’s based upon a deep understanding of your business and its security needs. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that our security guards are protecting your facility.

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Retail Security

Retailers face a litany of security-related threats. You need a security partner that’s invested in your business success. That’s Premier Security.

Our security solutions for retailers are designed to reduce inventory loss while improving the safety of employees and customers alike. Our security personnel are trained to observe and respond to known shoplifters and suspicious customers – quick to address shop-floor misdeeds and ensure a safe shopping experience.

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Financial Institutions

We speak your language. Premier Security provides security services throughout BC and Alberta to a wide range of banks, credit unions, insurance companies and brokerage firms.

With such a deep understanding of the security-related concerns facing financial institutions, you will find Premier Security easy to work with and a supplier that can add value to your business from the very start of our relationship.

Our security guards deliver a range of tailored security services to financial clients including securing banking operations, protecting bank employees and customer, and safeguarding banking assets.

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Construction Site Security

You’ve got a lot to protect on your construction site. Equipment. Materials. Tools. Trailers. Theft and vandalism are significant problems in the construction industry. We understand how important the bottom-line is these days to new construction projects – you can’t afford any unnecessary costs or delays.

For over 20 years, Premier Security has been protecting construction sites at every phase of the project. Our security solutions are flexible and easily scalable – up or down.

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Mining and Energy

A successful camp operation in the mining and energy sector, particularly one that is remote, is all about risk mitigation. We get it. And can deliver a safety and security program that delivers exactly what’s required.

We have the expertise to deploy security personnel into remote areas for work in various sectors, including mining, oil and gas, and hydroelectric facilities. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of the camp operator, but frequently include plainclothes and uniformed security officers, risk assessment specialists and private investigators.

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Municipalities and Government

Providing security services that protect people and property in a way that is both seamless and inconspicuous to the public is key to providing security services at municipal, provincial and federal government buildings.

Our guards have the ability to both protect and serve. And as a result, Premier Security is proud to have been chosen to provide security for some of Western Canada’s most recognized public facilities.

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