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Security Services

Security for the long term, so you can safely plan your future

Creating successful long-term client partnerships in Vancouver, Edmonton and throughout BC and Alberta means that our management must be expert at selecting and assigning the highest quality personnel to the respective task. Our rigorous process of screening and evaluating personnel exceeds industry standards.

At all levels, we are driven to ensure our services are seamless, reliable and competitive. At Premier Security Inc. it’s our responsibility to not only select and train but retain our quality and valued security guards and other security staff. We boast a cutting edge human resource program that emphasizes integrated teamwork.

By focusing on their development, both personal and professional, our emphasis on customer service and training, including the Superhost program through Tourism BC, completely supports your goals. We emphatically encourage our staff to feel a sense of personal pride and commitment to their work fostering true accountability. From the simplest to the most complex of tasks, the setting of standards, operational reviews, and recommendations ensure excellence. Our relationship is therefore mutually beneficial.

Security Guard Services

In the security industry, people make the difference. Protecting a client’s assets, and contributing to its business success, requires personnel with exceptional decision-making skills. They need to be carefully screened, selected and extraordinarily well trained.

Premier Security’s uniformed security guards are some of the most tenured and experienced in the industry, benefitting clients with their superior skills and service.

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Concierge Security Services

Our concierge personnel deliver the ideal combination of support and authority to maintain security and a welcoming, professional environment at any commercial and residential location.

A specialized type of security guard, a concierge acts as your building’s front-line ambassadors. To be successful, a concierge specialist must be a customer service professional. Our training program ensures that every concierge security staff member offers a welcome and reassuring presence to staff, residents and visitors alike.

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Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response

Premier Security has been providing mobile patrol and alarm response services, 24 hours per day, seven days a week, for over X years. The mobile patrol and alarm response team, supported by a dispatch centre that never closes, performs routine daily patrols for clients and responds to emergency alarms.

Our mobile patrol and alarm response service is a customizable security solution that’s flexible, easy to implement, and very affordable.

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Private Investigations

When concrete answers and peace of mind are difficult to find, a private investigator can often bring clarity and closure to complex issues.

Premier Security’s team of Vancouver private investigators offer discreet and professional private detective services to a wide range of clients, including law firms, insurance companies, corporate clients of all sizes, and private citizens.

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Special Events

Whether you’re hosting a retail event, concert, sporting event, corporate conference or community gathering, security and crowd control are critically important considerations. Event management is already stressful enough – allow one of our dedicated event-security experts provide the peace of mind you and your team deserve.

Our staff will help you address every security-related issue and ensure you event goes according to plan.

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Security Consulting

Strong, effective security starts with a plan. And that’s why many of Premier’s most rewarding client relationships start with a security consulting engagement.

If you are unsure how best to protect your business, our security assessment will provide the blueprint. Premier Security’s team is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in security, law enforcement, the military and business.

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