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Why Choose Premier Security

Over the past 30 years, clients have selected Premier Security for all sorts of great reasons. Here are five reasons we believe you should choose Premier Security.

Effective Training Programs

We view training as an investment in our people, our business, and in the success of our clients. Staff training is comprised of the following seven components: BST (ABST) training; onboard training; site-specific training; in service/supplemental training; online training and refreshers; advanced training; and supervisory training.

Customer Service Excellence

All security personnel assigned to your property will be trained to our demanding customer service standards. Premier Security created its customer service program to ensure all employees understand the importance of customer service and can provide the highest level of service in the security industry.

We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly adapt to trends, deal rapidly with emerging issues, and quickly implement new technologies and operational methods to ensure we deliver exceptional client experiences at every property we manage.

Experienced Senior Management Team

Part of the strength of Premier Security is derived from its knowledgeable and experienced senior management team. Key members of the management team have experience conducting large security operations at a wide range of facilities, including Canada Place and the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Today, Premier Security remains both local, and privately owned. With offices in BC and Alberta, Premier Security is the recipient of many notable awards, including BC Business’ “Best Employer Award” and multiple Vancouver Tourism Awards.

Strong Account Management

Delivering an exceptional, timely and relevant level of service to its clients is the primary consideration in Premier Security’s account management structure.

The Account Manager oversees all aspects of service to clients. From the management of frontline personnel and supervision through to the delivery of all training and updates, it is the Account Manager that is the face of Premier’s service to its customers. Supporting the Account Manager are other departments, including Human Resources, Operations, and Finance/ Payroll.

Staff Retention and Engagement

Employee retention is a critical issue facing business, particularly those within the security industry. Over the past 30 years, Premier Security has developed a deep appreciation of the impact employee retention has on the success of its clients’ businesses, as well as its own.

Retaining employees requires a thoughtful, long-term approach to investing in a business’ human capital. An approach that meets the needs of all stakeholders – owners, employees, clients and business partners. An approach that reflects a true investment mindset in terms of both time and money, and an understudying of the types of investments that make “business sense” – those that generate a balance of both short and long terms results for Premier Security, its clients, and employees.

As a result of a progressive approach to human resources, Premier Security has earned the trust and respect of its employee and enjoys the benefits of an engaged and loyal workforce.

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