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Western Canada's Premier Provider For Concierge Security Service For Commercial And Residential Buildings

Our concierge security services combine protection and hospitality for your commercial and residential building. Building security is a top priority for business owners to protect their investment and maintain a professional and secure environment for their residents and visitors. 

At Premier Security, our highly trained concierge security guards are professional, reliable, dependable, approachable, and serve as your building’s front desk ambassador, leaving a lasting and favourable impression with all interactions.

As the first point of contact, great impressions count. Adding a highly visible front desk attendant is an added benefit to safeguarding your office or residential building while offering residents and guests a comfortable, friendly, and memorable first experience.

From greeting visitors and detailed record-keeping to performing scheduled security checks, our professional concierge security guards provide a warm welcome yet are quick and confident to act when faced with unforeseen circumstances.

Concierge Security Service Training

Our concierge security training program is diverse and includes security procedures, First Aid and emergency response protocols, customer service, and etiquette. Our concierge security guards are trained to manage just about any front desk situation. They are well equipped to serve as the primary source of information regarding the building and provide smooth and secure access control.

As our customers’ needs change due to the external environment and business demands, we ensure that our security guards are up-to-date with the latest health and safety measures and procedures. Being adaptable and quick to respond is one of the advantages our customers appreciate most.

Custom Concierge Security Services Offerings

If you are looking to expand your current security measures, the concierge security service can be a custom-fit solution to meet your specific requirements. Trained to deliver both concierge and security-related services, our security guards work hard to look after your best interests while representing the building in a manner you can trust.

Since your needs are unique, we tailor our services to suit your business and security needs by offering a wide range of duties:

  • Greeting tenants and visitors at the main reception
  • Monitoring vehicle traffic entering and exiting the facility, recording the arrival and departure times of guests and non-residents
  • Directing short-term visitors to designated parking spaces, maintaining a record of all occupied parking spaces
  • Accepting and securing the delivery of small items on behalf of businesses and residents
  • Directing emergency vehicles and personnel
  • Keeping detailed records of incidence reports
  • Coordinating access for all contractors, such as building maintenance and grounds-keeping, in a safe and secure manner
  • Completing scheduled patrols of the entire premises, including stairwells, elevators, and parking lots, ensuring no unauthorized access
  • Deterring threats of break-ins and vandalism before they occur
  • Conducting maintenance checks of lighting and door checks of absent tenant
  • Supervising move-ins and move-outs
  • And more

Next Steps

We are the security industry leaders. To fully offer you our premier experience, we take the time to understand your business needs to develop a program for your unique requirements and budget. We take extra steps to make your tenants feel safe and your property is secure.

Get in touch today so that we can assist you right away.

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