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Concierge Services

Premier Security concierge personnel are professionally dressed and approachable. A specialized type of security guard, a concierge acts as your building’s front-line ambassador. To be successful, a concierge specialist must also be a customer service professional.

Our training program ensures that every concierge security staff member offers a welcome and reassuring presence to staff, residents and visitors alike. In addition, they are trained to smoothly maintain access control to your building, offer front-line support and respond to any question or concern with a reassuring smile. Our trained concierge professionals can also provide first aid and serve as a safety marshal in the event of a building evacuation.

Security Concierge Training

Trained to provide both concierge and security-related services, our personnel work in both commercial and residential settings. Services provided often include:

  • Greeting tenants and visitors at main entrances, helping as required
  • Monitoring vehicle traffic entering and exiting the facility, recording the arrival and departure times of guests and non-residents
  • Directing short-term visitors to designated parking spaces, maintaining a record of all occupied parking spaces
  • Accepting and securing the delivery of small items on behalf of businesses and tenants
  • Directing emergency vehicles and personnel
  • Coordinate access for all contractors, like building maintenance and grounds-keeping, in a safe and secure manner
  • Completing scheduled patrols of the entire premises including stairwells, elevators, and parking lots, ensuring no unauthorized access
  • Deterring threats of break-ins and vandalism before they occur
  • Conducting maintenance checks of lighting and door checks of absent tenant
  • Supervising move-ins and move-outs

Our concierge personnel deliver the ideal combination of support and authority to maintain security and a welcoming, professional environment at any commercial and residential location.

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